Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Renewable energy not yet a priority

People who depend primarily on costly foreign resources and imported raw materials to the neglect of what they already have or nature has bestowed upon them abundantly and free of cost only deserve pity. It is true no nation in the world is self-sufficient in all respects and hence is the need for sharing and exchanging resources through export and import business. The urge for collecting from others something that one does not have is the driving force behind international trade. And there is nothing wrong in the buying and selling of goods and raw materials between nations.

Bangladesh is heavily dependent on imported fossil fuel for a major part of power generation, industrial production and vehicular movements as well as domestic use and will have to remain so as long as our technology is oil-based. It is needless to say that the country has to spend a big chunk of its hard earned foreign exchange reserve for importing oil. And we have begun feeling the pinch particularly when oil prices in the global market have risen exorbitantly as a repercussion of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Is there any way out of this impasse, and is that going to be an easy one? The answers are positive and negative respectively. Positive in the sense that endless and costless resources like sunlight, wind power, sea waves offer us alternative ways. Different countries are going ahead in bigger strides for harvesting renewable energy resources but our approach to these options is half-hearted and our move in that direction is not faster than a snail. Had our authorities been sincere enough since human beings got the idea of these alternative resources, harvesting of renewable energy could have reached a much higher level by now. But it has not.

And as regard the other question – no, achieving higher rates of success in the use of renewable resources is not going to be that easy for a country like Bangladesh, because we lack fund and equipment. But when we are able to implement a number of mega projects depending partially on foreign support and partially on our own resources, our achievement in renewable energy could have been higher than what we have achieved so far.