Friday, 30 September, 2022

Teacher crisis in public universities

The quality of education, especially higher education, has been under question in recent years. None of our higher educational institutions is placed in the top 500 in the world’s best university rankings which speaks volumes about the decaying standard of education in some of the country’s well-reputed public universities. While the conscious minds are anxious about the existing educational paradigm, another piece of news must bring deep furrows in their brow.

According to a Bengali daily’s report, out of the total 52 public universities in the country, six have been running without a single professor, and even 14 universities have less than ten professors. However, what is more alarming is three of these universities have published admission circular for 2021-2022 education year though these institutions are yet to get approval for appointing faculty members or other necessary human resources. It is not rocket science what will be the standard of education in these institutions given that the ability to create and disseminate knowledge of reputed universities employed a bunch of experienced teachers— professors, associate professors and assistant professors.

True enough, many of our university professors have little calibre to earn professorship, get promoted to the post with other qualifications except educational ones and many lecturers may be good enough at teaching, even better than those so-called professors in some cases, still there is a huge difference between a professor and a lecturer since higher education is more than just teaching a student bookish lessons. It is almost impossible to attain the main objective of higher education without the proper guidance of a well-qualified professor.

Establishing new universities is a good initiative but it will be of no use unless the standard of education is ensured in those institutions. Why our universities and the UGC are so reluctant to these issues is beyond anyone’s expertise. Why do not they take initiatives to fill the gap, if there is any shortage of qualified human resources? They must realise that there is hardly any scope to let the education paradigm go in this way for the sake of our next generations as well as the country. So, an adequate number of qualified professors and other faculty members must be ensured in every university so that the students would not be deprived of their rights to higher education in a true sense.