Friday, 19 August, 2022

Power Cut

Strictly maintain timetable

Fuel price has increased abnormally in the world market due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war that started after the novel coronavirus pandemic that still pervades all over the globe. Its adverse impact has fallen on our country too. The energy sector has to suffer huge losses resulting in an unusual countrywide power crisis. The country reportedly faces a daily shortage of 1,000-1,500 megawatts of electricity. The power department struggles to meet the electricity demand in the country's industrial sector. Faced with an unprecedented situation, the government has decided to carry out area-wise load-shedding across the country, including Dhaka city, for a specific period each day from July 19 onward.

At the initial stage, the authorities concerned announced a one-hour power cut every day. But, regrettably, as per the second lead story of this newspaper, load-shedding breaks the schedule. In many areas of the country, it takes place for up to 12 hours each day much to the sufferings of general people. Residents in several areas of the capital also experienced additional load-shedding. To escape from the intense heat, many of them took to the streets leaving their houses. Frequent load-shedding is also hampering production in mills and factories. Enraged by similar incident, people of certain localities have staged violent protests. A few days ago, aggrieved people staged protests blocking the Dhaka-Sylhet highway.

If this situation continues then it may take a violent turn in the long run which will not at all be good for the country. So, considering the issue of public sufferings, the power authorities should wisely tackle the situation. They should try their level best to maintain the actual timetable of power outage. As far as power saving is targeted, it is sufficient for one hour of load-shedding. Probably, it will not cause a serious problem to the public who are ready to sacrifice their comfort for the greater interest of saving fuel. The power authorities must appreciate the public spirit and act accordingly. They should be cautious enough so that public sufferings do not multiply due to their callous handling of the problem.