Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

Bangla-dubbed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ streaming on Bongo

Bangla-dubbed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ streaming on Bongo

Country’s popular video streaming platform Bongo has released the Bangla-dubbed romance-fantasy film ‘Beauty and the Beast’ recently.

In the French-German co-production, Léa Seydoux performed as Beauty and Vincent Cassel as the Beast. Christophe Gans directed the film. The film first premiered in France on February 12, 2014, and was later released in Berlin, Germany, on February 14 that year.

Beauty and the Beast originates from the original Grimm fairytale of Beauty and the Beast, which is taken from classic French folktales.

The story starts when a widowed merchant shipwrecks on the sea and becomes bankrupt. He has to move countryside from the lavishing city with his six children. Despite this sudden change, nobody except the merchant's younger daughter Belle seems happy.

One day the merchant gets the news that one of his ships safely reached the shore. With a surge of happiness, he asked his children what they wanted as a return gift. When everyone has a choice on their list, Belle only wishes to bring her father back safely with a rose for her.

Head of Licensing and Distribution of Bongo Karoline Hoeppner, said, “Bongo is pleased to publish fantasy classic romance for our entertainment-seeking audience. We believe our audience will love it wholeheartedly.”