Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Kidney trade on social media !

Kidney trade on social media !

With the easy availability of the internet, sale and buy of different products are being done online. Like the products, the sale and buy of kidney are going on different social media, including facebook.

Kidney traffickers through their social media IDs, pages and groups are giving posts to buy kidneys.

They are asking interested people to contact them through their phone numbers, imos, messengers and whatsapps.

While the people who are interested in selling kidneys are giving posts, mentioning their blood groups, age and details.

After arriving at contract, the donars are being sent to a neighbouring country to transplant their kidneys.

Although kidney traffickers are taking Tk 20-25 lakh from a patient for each kidney, they are giving about Tk 3 lakh to the donor.

Law enforcers and this correspondent found out a number of active facebook groups, pages and accounts that are involved in selling and buying kidneys.

They are ‘Kidney Network,’ ‘Uttarbanga Kidney Disease Help Centre,’ ‘Kidney Donar and Transplant Patient,’ ‘Kidney Bikroy Kendra,’ ‘Bangladesh Kidney Transplant Group,’ ‘Kidney Croy and Bikroy,’ ‘Bangladesh Kidney and Liver Patient Chikisha,’ ‘Bangladesh Kidney Liver Chikishha Seba,’ ‘Kidney Transplant Network,’ ‘Kidney Liver Transplant Bangladesh,’  ‘Kidney and Liver Donar Cumilla,’ ‘Kidney Patient Care and Guide,’ ‘Jony Kabir,’ ‘Mahamud Sani,’ ‘SK Boss’, ‘Alor Pothe,’ ‘Kuldeep Bhullar’, ‘Sumon Akondo,’ ‘Jony Kabir,’ ‘Ami Ami,’ ‘Sofar Ali,’ ‘Md Mehedi,’ ‘Md Hridoy,’ ‘Kideny Rogi,’ ‘Mashrafe Islam Rafi,’ Medical Chikisha and Poramosso,’ ‘Arfin Rohoman Ni Jhum,’ ‘Shazahan Ali,’ ‘Protibadi Kanthashar,’ ‘Rupali Pori,’  ‘Mahmud Dalim,’ ‘Digvijay Singh,’ ‘Kastha Nie Beche Asi,’ and ‘Md Nehan.’ 

When contacted, Subrata Roy Maitra, vice-chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), told the Daily Sun that they had monitoring to remove such IDs, pages and groups from social media sites.

“If law enforcers provide us with the IDs, pages and groups, it is easy for us to stop them,” he said. Belal Hossain, an inhabitant of Banarupa in Rangamati, uploaded a post on ‘Kidney Network Facebook Group,’ stating he wanted to sell a kidney.

Belal uploaded the post on the group through his facebook ID ‘Md Nehan’ on July 3.

The post reads: “Name: Belal Hossain, age: 35, weight: 62 kg, height: 5 feet and 5 inch, blood group: 0+ and mobile: 01865143899.” 

When contacted, Belal told the Daily Sun that he was yet to sell it as dalals (brokers) offered Tk 3.83 lakh to four lakh.

“But I have told them that I will sell one kidney if Tk 4.50 lakh is given,” he said.

When asked why he would want to sell his kidney, he said that his father was debt a good amount of money to some people.  His father died, but the pressure of the debt poured on.

“I want to sell my kidney to repay my debts,” he said.

Al Amin Islam, a resident of Mahiganj in Rangpur, gave a post to Kidney Network Facebook Group on April 14, stating that he wanted to sell a kidney.

He gave the post through his facebook account named “Jan Pran Sob Tomar”.

The post reads, “Name: Alamin Islam, height: 5feet and 4 inch, house: Mahigonj, Rangpur, phone: 01707448324.”

When contacted, Al Amin told the Daily Sun that he was yet to get patient to sell the kidney. On the price, he said that he would sell one kidney for Tk 6 lakh.

A facebook ID ‘Alor Pothe Milton’ gave two posts on the Kidney Network Facebook Group on May 21 and June 5 stating that the ID holder would need several kidneys of those having blood groups A+, B-, 0+, B+ and AB+.

He has requested interested sellers to contact through imo and wahtsApp opened in 01303712330.

This correspondent phoned through the phone number, but found off.

A facebook ID ‘Arfin Rohoman Ni Jhum’ gave a post on June 17, saying that a kidney of a person having blood group AB+ would be sold.

The facebook ID gave an address of the kidney donar as house: “Talukder Bari, village: Baniagaon, Lauhaganj, Munshiganj.”

‘Md Robin,’ a facebook account uploaded a post on April 29 that a kidney of a person with blood group B+ would be sold. Interested buyers were asked to contact through 01952533383.

When contacted, the phone number was found off. 

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) personnel arrested five members of a kidney trafficking gang tactfully persuading about 100 people to sell their kidneys to a neighbouring country in the last six years from 2016.

A team of the RAB-1 held them from the capital’s Vatara, Banasree and Mirpur areas on Tuesday to Wednesday.

Lt Col Abdullah Al Momen, commanding officer of RAB-1, told reporters that the arrestees took Tk 20-25 lakh from a patient for a kidney while they paid only Tk 3 lakh to the donor.

Nearly 500 people of Mattrai and Udoypur unions under Kalai upazila of Joypurhat have sold their kidneys in the last 10 years till 2021, Kalai Upazila Parishad Chairman Minfuzur Rahman Milon told the Daily Sun.