Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Telefilm ‘Ice Cream Wala’ on Rtv today

Popular small screen director Himu Akram’s telefilm titled ‘Ice Cream Wala’ will be aired on Rtv at 8:00pm today. Actors Arfan Ahmed, Salahuddin Lavlu, Samia, Naresh Bhuiyan, Shampa Nizam, Tami Rahman, Razu and others will be seen acting in the telefilm.  

The plot of the telefilm revolves around Montu, a hawker who sells ice cream. Arfan has portrayed the role of Montu in the film.

About the telefilm, Himu Akram said, “The audience will be nostalgic while watching the telefilm. I have tried to bring the ambient of the rural life of 90s in the telefilm. I hope viewers will enjoy it.”

Salahuddin Lavlu said, “The story of the film is amazing. I’m an opponent of Montu in the film. I get married to Montu’s long time girl friend Joba though she is three times junior to me. The film contains different interesting plots such as seeing the bride and returning home with wife by boat. I hope the audience will not be disappointed.”

Arfan Ahmed said, “I’ve played the titular role in the telefilm. After a long hiatus I’ve worked in a character to my liking.  I’m very hopeful about the film.”