Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Tips and tricks for traveling abroad for the first time

Tips and tricks for traveling abroad for the first time

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Whether it’s the illustrious architecture of Turkey or crystal clear blue waters of Maldives- it seems from social media as though the majority of the population is away on exotic vacations this holiday season. With restrictions lifting across borders, now seems like the perfect time to plan an international tour. Given the circumstances of the past two years, many people didn’t get the chance to have their long awaited first tour abroad. However, compared to inbound tourism, international travel requires significantly more effort and planning. To make the process simpler to understand and execute, the intricacies of international travel are discussed at length.

The primary elements of travel can be divided into three categories- how to go, where to stay and what to do? To answer the first question, two primary modes of travel can be considered- by road or by air. For nearby countries such as India and Nepal, traveling by road is often a popular route for budget travelers. However, the path is quite tedious and time consuming. It can take more than 24 hours just to reach the preferred destination. However, since these countries are so close to our homeland, flights often come at very reasonable rates. In fact, it is even possible to divide the journey in half and travel only part of the way by air to optimize efficiency and costing. Therefore, flights can be considered as a viable option even for those on a budget. If the plan is to travel to lands further away, flights are the only option. However, in today’s digital world, many services exist to make life easier than ever before. One of these services is the EMI which allows consumers to enjoy services now and pay for them later in monthly installments. To avail this service for tourism related purchases, one can use GoZayaan’s new 0% EMI facility for upto 6 months. GoZayaan is also currently  the only online travel platform in Bangladesh offering 0% EMI for flights. This eliminates the need to worry about budgets when planning the perfect tour for oneself.

To decide where to stay, it is better to book a hotel beforehand if you’re traveling abroad. Due to the surge in tourism recently, availability as well as pricing might not be favorable for on-spot bookings. Technology comes handy in this aspect as booking hotels online is a simple process nowadays. However, suitable options are often only found on foreign websites that require special or overseas credit cards. Moreover, paying at the property would require travelers to carry dollars or other local currencies. This is currently not favorable as exchange rates have skyrocketed due to the sudden boom in tourism. GoZayaan offers a suitable solution to this conundrum as they now have the largest international hotel inventory available in Bangladesh. This makes it possible to pay for any type of international hotel using our very own currency as well as being able to use local methods of payment as well. Moreover, the 0% EMI service can be availed for international hotels.

To decide on what to do, one should initially start by thoroughly researching the activities available in their preferred destination. Turkey offers the unique experience of witnessing the rocky landscape of Cappadocia from a hot air balloon while Nepal offers adventurous treks and hikes. Whatever one may prefer, it is always a better idea to customize a tour according to specific preferences rather than going on package holidays. GoZayaan is here to provide exactly that freedom to travelers with their completely customizable tour options. Travelers can let their requirements be known through the website online and the tour of their dreams will be customized for them. There is no limit to what the traveler can do now that these options are available.

Whether travelers prefer daring hikes or the serenity of nature, relaxing by the beach or enjoying a bustling city- the time to expand one's horizons is now. The opportunity for limitless travel is here.