Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

River protection dam collapses in Khulna

KHULNA: An embankment built to prevent erosion by the Kopotakkho river in Charmukha area under Khulna’s Koyra upazila has been ruined due to increased water pressure.

The embankment started to break on Sunday noon. The locals are fearing that vast areas will be inundated due to high tide if the embankment isn’t repaired in due time, reports UNB. According to Osman Gani, a member of the local ward, a road on one side of the Charmukha canal went into the riverbed around 4am.

“The road was in a precarious condition for a long time. Many other roads and houses have started to go extinct due to increased flow of the Kopotakkho river. We’re trying to repair the dam on our own initiative. Large parts of the area will be inundated if we can’t repair the dam within the next one to two hours,” Osman said.

Osman added that at least 14 villages are facing the risk of going under water due to high tide.

“Around 30,000 people live in these 14 villages. These people will have to face untold suffering and hardship if the Kopotakkho river inundates these villages,” added Osman. Md Moshiul Abedin, Deputy Assistant Engineer of Khulna Water Development Board (WDB), said that 150 meters of the dam has been damaged and a closure has been created.

“As a result, nothing can be done to stop the water from flowing,” said Moshiul.