Sunday, 14 August, 2022

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Truecaller launches audio app

Truecaller launches audio app

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Truecaller has launched a new app for Android and iOS devices named Open Doors, which appears to be similar to the audio social app Clubhouse.

The app is a communication platform that can be used by both existing Truecaller users and new users to start and join audio conversations, reports Indian Express.

These audio conversations will then invite more people through what Truecaller calls, the ‘network effect’. Once your friend joins a conversation, their friends will also be invited, and this cycle will continue. Note that these conversations will, however, be moderated in real-time, although Truecaller notes that the conversation data itself is not stored.

What’s interesting here is that participants in a conversation cannot see each other’s phone numbers, with only the names and profile pictures visible during a conversation.