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Dhaka getting bustling again

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  • 15 July, 2022 12:00 AM
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Dhaka getting bustling again
People are returning to the capital after celebrating Eid-ul-Azha with their near and dear ones at their village homes. The photo was taken from Kamalapur Railway Station on Thursday. —sun Photo

Thousands of people thronged bus and train stations and launch ghats across the country to return to the capital on Thursday after the holy Eid-ul-Azha festival.

Many said Eid holidaymakers are returning to Dhaka without hassles on highways this year.

Dhaka was empty as millions of people left for their village homes to celebrate the religious festival.

After the Eid vacation, the capital was turning bustling with the people returning from their village homes.

On Wednesday, the pressure of the people returning home was low, but it increased on Thursday.

There were no sufferings even though the passenger pressure on roads and railways was increasing gradually.

Almost every launch came to Sadarghat in the capital with less passengers than its capacity.

The presence of people was especially high at Kamalapur railway station in the capital. However, passengers were not under much pressure anywhere.

On the third day of the opening of offices, courts, garments and other factories on Thursday, there was some traffic jam at the entrance of Dhaka, but the capital was empty.

There is no rush of commuters and the busy capital has begun to see a sense of vibrancy.

Dhaka-bound passengers and vehicles are reaching ferries without any inconvenience at Daulatdia Ferry Ghat in Gualanda of Rajbari, the gateway to South Bengal.

However, the pressure of passengers and vehicles has increased in this direction compared to the last few days.

BIWTC Daulatdia Ghat Manager Shihab Uddin said that currently 10 small and big ferries are plying on this route. Due to low pressure, vehicles are being crossed with fewer ferries.

If the pressure increases, the number of ferries will be increased. In the last 24 hours, 3,143 vehicles have crossed the river using Daulatdia Ghat.

On Wednesday, the pressure of passengers on the railway was less and it increased at Kamalapur railway station on Thursday.           

Kamalapur railway station manager Masud Sarwar said the number of passengers returning to Dhaka increased on Thursday.

“The highest number of passengers will return to Dhaka tomorrow and Saturday,” he added.

Many said passengers’ rush on road, rail and river routes will be the highest on Friday and Saturday.

Those days, a large number of workers and common people will return to the capital.

According to transport workers at Gabtoli, Mohakhali and Sayedabad bus terminals, the pressure of passengers on buses leaving from different parts of the country has increased.

With the opening of the Padma Bridge, many people have returned to Dhaka by road, reducing the number of launch passengers.

Launch crews said that the number of passengers has increased more than the previous day. It will increase further on Friday and Saturday.

In another development, the number of public transport in the capital is less as a large number of workers and common people have not returned yet.

While visiting Uttara, Mohakhali, Rampura, Malibagh, Gulistan and Sayedabad areas, this correspondent found that the number of public transport in the capital has increased.

Although the pressure of passengers is less, the presence of people on the road has increased compared to the last two days.

It is expected that the number of people returning to Dhaka will increase on Friday and Saturday.

The movement of private cars, CNG auto-rickshaws, rickshaws and motorcycles increased on Thursday.

Besides this, big markets and shopping malls in the capital still remained closed, but many shops have already reopened.

However, shopkeepers and workers are spending lazy time as there is less movement of people. The presence of shoppers increased in grocery stores and food hotels.