Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

The French Republic Day

The 14th of July 1789 : They call it the ‘Bastille Day’ a Great Day to Celebrate the French Republic Day. The historic ‘Day’ marked the start of the French Revolution, when an angry mob stormed the Bastille on July 14, 1789. The day also saw the commencement of the Chopping’ (Guillotined) the Heads of most of the Monarchs.  

( Elite Force is very proud of its Association with a great country like the French Republic. Elite Force is a distinguished member of the France Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Bangladesh. It's again an ‘Unique’ honour for us to be a member of the very prestigious Chamber - the only one amongst 800 Security Companies in the Country. )

Elite Force the most versatile, diversified and unique private Security company in Bangladesh:

1. The ELITE FORCE, started its maiden journey with only seven (7) guards on 11th November 1999. Today Elite Force is acclaimed , as the Industry Leader' in the Private Security Services of Bangladesh. It is the largest private security services company (PSSC) in the country, having created 20000 + employment opportunities for the rural youth & having operations in all the 64 Districts of Bangladesh.

2. We have built some of the most credible ‘State of the Art’ infrastructures in the industry, like a 7 storey building as dedicated Corporate Headquarters in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, two huge Training Academies with accommodation for 150 + trainees and an Unparalleled Dog Squad with 50+ Dogs, only of its kind in the private sector in the whole of the region.

3. Our ‘In House Learning Center’, having a space of 3000+sqft lodged with in the Corporate Headquarters is fully equipped to hold seminars, large classes meetings, workshops etc. In the recent past we have made our Training facilities available to train less fortunate working women folk on Self Defence: a project called 'Attorokkha' supported by the local Brazilian Embassy. HE the Ambassador was so impressed with the Curriculum that he came down to our Training Academy to distribute the Certificates to the delight of the participants.

4. Visitors like Ministers, Ex Ministers, Ambassadors / High Commissioners Civil & Military High officials, Ex Service Chiefs, Foreigners who happened to have seen our facilities, passed remarks like Awesome, Outstanding, Unparalleled, Unique & Incredible.

5. Besides locals, our clients are maximum multinational companies, NGOs, UN System, Offices, Telecom, Power Plants, Industries, Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Colleges, Apartment blocks and multitude of other clients. Be it Google or Facebook, Meta, Netflix, Pinkerton, Siemens, Philips, IKEA, PWC, Deloitte, icddr'b, Evercare, BRAC, UN System we are serving more than 100 + multinational companies in Bangladesh. Recently we have taken over icddr'b, SMC, British Council, Krispy Kream, Pinkerton, Netflix, Telenor and hundred of other brands.

6. 60% of the Banks are our guarded by us, which shows great trust & faith of the financial institutions on Elite Force. Most of the foreign banks like, Standard Chartered, Citi Bank NA Woori, State Bank of India, Alfalah, Habib Bank Limited are also our clients. We have also broken the monopoly of Embassy guarding by a multinational company & are now providing security services to 12 High Commissions / Embassies. Earlier we guarded the full French Embassy in the old premises & have a scanty presence now in the new Chancery. We are securing the French School in Baridhara for the last 8 years.

7. To support to our Operations, we have recently raised another sister concern by the name Elite Logistics. We have recently refurbished our Cash in Transit (CIT) & Gunman Division with garaging facilities for at least 70 vehicles. Our outstanding characteristics is, we are known as the "Quickest Responders". We can deploy any number of guards, fleet of vehicles & motor cycles around the country with in the shortest possible time. Particularly to counter ‘Work Place Disturbances’ we have grown expertise in ‘Conflict Resolution & Pacification Talks’.

8. We are in all kinds of Remote area operations including securing Helipads anywhere in the country. We are in the High Seas protecting vessels with armed guard. Infact it is our very functional CMC, 24 Hrs Service Center & 4 Emergency Response Units with Ambulance Service added, are the ‘Pillars’ of Excellence in our services.

9. Though Private Security is a low economy business in our country, yet you will be happy to note that, Elite Force carries out considerable CSR activities in the country. Amongst many, one that will impress you is the 'Feeding of Lunch' that we arrange for 100 to 150+ street children every day through a known organisation called Biddanondon. We support many educational institutions, madrassas etc regularly. We also run an English / Computer Learning Centre in a remote village in Gazipur. We also assist an Old Home in Kapasia. During the Covid-19, we donated an Ambulance to a welfare organisation.    

10. At this point, I must make a high mention of the outstanding contributions of the Private Security Sector of Bangladesh, in supplementing the efforts of the regular law enforcement agencies in the country. Ours involvements are simply unimaginable - its colossal, its stupendous. The Sector has employed 7 lacs + people in the profession of Private Security in an overpopulated country, where job opportunities are getting slimer with every passing day. Be it a high profile premise like that of the US Embassy or a low profile building, the presence of a Private Security Personnel is seen everywhere in the country now. 

11. The Sector is guarding all kinds of Industries, Power Plants, International Organanisations, NGOS, Banks, Apartments & thousands of other clients. In terms cash transfer between Banks, replenishment of over 10000s of ATMs, around the country, all are done by the Private Security Companies. Unfortunately compared to their huge contributions - there is hardly any recognition of the Sector by the Govt.

12. To conclude, we may disclose that guided by a strong and experienced ex-military management team and supported by our strong IT infrastructure, R&D Cell and our recently developed modern corporate facilities, Elite Force is a formidable outfit in the Private Security Services Sector of Bangladesh.

13. Our strong “TIES” with French Republic will grow further & further, that’s what we wish on the French Republic Day. Incidentally it coincides with 50th Anniversary of our Friendship with a great country like France.


The Writer is a Brigadier General Sharif Aziz, psc (Retd), Managing Director, Elite Force (Elite Security Services Ltd.)