Thursday, 18 August, 2022

UCB Stock Brokerage partners with Microsoft

Microsoft and UCB Stock Brokerage Limited has announced a strategic partnership with the aim of running UCB Stock Brokerage’s entire technology stack on Microsoft Azure.

Companies in the financial services industry often take a conservative approach to technology because they manage and must protect sensitive customer information, said a press release.

With the partnership, UCB Stock Brokerage aims to lead at the forefront of technology developments in the financial industry.

‘Cloud computing is an enabler for financial institutions to modernise their infrastructure and systems, to gain the agility they need to respond to competitive pressures, regulatory environments, and customer demand,’ said Mohammed Rahmat Pasha, Managing Director and CEO of UCB Stock Brokerage Limited.

UCB Stock Brokerage is one of the largest stockbrokers in Bangladesh and is currently ranked number 1 among all the brokers in the Dhaka Stock Exchange.

UCB Stock Brokerage worked with Microsoft partner Tech One Global to implement a solution roadmap that would fit its needs. Tech One Global has been a leading Microsoft partner for over 18 years focusing on content services and modern workplace solutions using Microsoft technologies.