Wednesday, 17 August, 2022

Foil conspiracy, protect democracy

Foil conspiracy, protect democracy

It is learnt from the lead story of this daily yesterday, because of lust for power, vested quarters are daydreaming to oust the present elected government with undemocratic means. Patriotic people should be vigilant enough to foil their evil designs. They should play their due roles as sentinels of democracy. Earlier, ambitious army generals usurped state power at gunpoint. They forcefully ousted the democratic governments resulting in backward movement of the country. People's painful experiences still remain ever-fresh in their memories. If the conspirators come out successful, the country and its people will ultimately bear the brunt of the situation.

Democracy is the only legal way of regime change in a country where people are the owners of the country and the source of state power. People choose their government through regular, free, and fair elections. They have a say in decisions and can hold decision-makers to account. This is the charm of democracy. According to Nobel laureate Amartya Sen, because of lack of democracy, a big famine happened in India during the British rule. Democracy ensures people's welfare. People's sense of belongingness strengthens democracy which comes under threat if violent means is chosen to change a government. Those who have no faith in people's power always hatch conspiracy to oust an elected administration in unconstitutional manners. This hinders social peace and national development. There is also a close link between democracy and uninterrupted economic growth. So, a peaceful transition of power should be the norm in a developing country like ours.

In a democracy, all people have equal rights and are free from discrimination. Democracy provides an environment for the protection and effective realisation of human rights.

So, for people's interest, power mongers should not be given any chance to raise their ugly faces. They must be prevented at any cost so that they do not come out successful in their evil designs. We must not let undemocratic quarters to strangulate our hard-earned democracy.