Friday, 12 August, 2022

Indian businesses keen to invest in Bangladesh’s jewellery industry

B2B summit ‘Sonar Bangla’ held in Goa

Indian businesses keen to invest in Bangladesh’s jewellery industry
Bashundhara Group Managing Director and Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association (BAJUS) President Sayem Sobhan Anvir inaugurates the B2B summit ‘Sonar Bangla’ in Goa, India on June 28. — sun Photo

Leading Indian businessmen have expressed their interest to invest in setting up jewellery manufacturing factories in Bangladesh.

They have shown the interest after receiving a request from Bangladesh Jewellers’ Association (BAJUS) President Sayem Sobhan Anvir during an international expo held in India recently.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the exposition, the BAJUS President said Bangladesh has skilled goldsmiths while India has skilled designers.

“The collaboration between the two neighbours will help boost the industry. The subcontinent will lead the global jewellery industry with joint efforts. None will be able to hinder the growth of the sector,” he said.

BAJUS in association with Indian company KNC Services Ltd organised the first-ever B2B summit styled ‘Sonar Bangla’ at five-star hotel The Leela in the Indian state of Goa.

Chief Minister of Goa Dr Pramod Sawant addressed the inaugural session virtually while Bashundhara Group Director Sabrina Sobhan was on stage.

BAJUS Vice-President and Chairman of its Standing Committee on Foreign Trade and Market Development Badal Chandra Roy, Sonar Bangla Expo convener Hasmukh Parekh and KNC Services Ltd founder Kranti Nagvekar spoke on the occasion.

BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir along with the guests cut the ribbon at the entrance of the expo arena.

After the inaugural ceremony, Sayem Sobhan Anvir held several bilateral meetings with top Indian businessmen in the jewellery sector.

During the meeting, Indian businessmen expressed their interest in investing in setting up jewellery factories in Bangladesh in response to the call of BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir.

They lauded Bangladeshi artisans and said Bangladesh has a reputation for handmade jewellery. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Indian businessmen want to come forward with technical and technological support.   

Speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural function, BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir said India is far ahead of Bangladesh in the jewellery sector and Bangladesh is now trying to stand up.

“My request is that India, as our close friend and neighbour, will extend its hand of cooperation to Bangladesh. I invite Indian jewellery traders to set up manufacturing plants in Bangladesh. If Bangladesh and India work together, the business of both the countries will improve. As a result, we will be able to expand our business more than other countries in the world,” he said.

Making a call upon Indian businessmen, the BAJUS president said you should set up a factory jointly with the member organisation of Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS).

“Do not associate any jewellery trader who is not a BAJUS member with your business. There are many jewellery traders in Bangladesh who, without being a member of BAJUS, are tarnishing the reputation of this business, do not run any manufacturing factory jointly with them,” he said.

Sayem Sobhan Anvir further said Bangladesh businessmen will participate spontaneously in response to your call whenever you organise a fair like 'Sonar Bangla'.

“In the same way, when we organise such a fair, you must participate. We were impressed by KNC's hospitality. There was a kind of emotional feeling in KNC’s hospitality that inspired us,” he added.

The BAJUS president ended his speech by thanking everyone sincerely.

In a video message on the occasion, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant appreciated BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir for coming to Goa.

“We are ready to provide technical assistance to jewellery traders in Bangladesh. Let India-Bangladesh trade relations be further improved,” he said.

BAJUS Vice-President Badal Chandra Roy said India and Bangladesh have historical bonding as we cooperate in each other's work.

“Now, our vision is manufacturing in Bangladesh. And to achieve this goal, we want India on the side of Bangladesh. The jewellery business in Bangladesh is improving day by day and the jewellery sector is contributing to the GDP of Bangladesh. Jewelry business is playing a supporting role in improving the GDP of Bangladesh,” he said.

KNC Services Founder Kranti Nagvekar expressed gratitude to BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir for participating in the 'Sonar Bangla' jewellery expo.

“The vision of Bangladesh is now jewellery manufacturing. This requires technical assistance. KNC will provide all possible assistance to Bangladesh in manufacturing. KNC Services is working towards achieving the objectives of the two countries,” she said.

The opening ceremony of the jewellery expo, which started with a colorful programme, saw the lighting of lamps and the national anthems of the two countries. Later on June 29, at the closing ceremony of the fair, jewellery traders from Bangladesh were honored with crests.

A total of 35 stalls display gold and diamond jewellery during the two-day fair. About 50 jewellery companies from Bangladesh participated in the fair as visitors.

Through this fair, new designs of jewellery are introduced and many jewellery traders are encouraged to set up factories to expand their business. This will enrich the domestic jewellery industry as well as create a strong position in the export of gold ornaments abroad by meeting the domestic demand and will play a helpful role in raising our GDP to a satisfactory level.

On the same afternoon, BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir paid a courtesy call on Goa Chief Minister Promod Sawant.

The BAJUS president sought cooperation from Pramod Sawant for development of jewellery industry in Bangladesh.

He expressed interest in working together to develop trade relations between the two countries.