Wednesday, 17 August, 2022

Floodwater receded, suffering did not

Floodwater receded, suffering did not

The flood in 15 districts of northern and north-eastern regions has come and gone, but ravaged the lives and livelihoods in those areas. Many of the flood affected people who have returned to their battered homes are now facing acute shortage of food, pure drinking water and fuel oil. Many others are still sleeping under the open sky on highways, embankments and other higher grounds as their homes got completely damaged. Affected people complained to our reporter that the relief materials they have received are far from enough.

That the flood affected people did not receive enough relief materials so far carries a stark sign that our authorities are high in making promises but low in delivering. It has been several weeks since flood hit the north-eastern part of the country. It is outrageous and shocking that the authorities couldn’t provide enough relief to the victims so far. If urgent measures are not taken, the suffering of the people will only worsen because most of them have lost their means of sustenance like crops and farms etc.

Apart from providing emergency relief, we demand the flood affected people be adequately compensated and rehabilitated. Natural disaster, especially flood, is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh which victimizes thousands of people every year. Aside from flood and cyclone, river erosion is a scourge that drives many people landless every year. They are the tragic victims of caprice of the nature. When the nature pushes them on the brink, it is the duty of fellow human being to extend a hand. We urge the authorities concerned to take their issues sympathetically.

The authorities should also keep in mind that only physical rehabilitation is not rehabilitation in the truest sense. The true rehabilitation comes with economic rehabilitation. Natural disasters not only turn victim people homeless or landless, but also snatch their means of livelihood. So it is imperative to include income generation schemes in the rehabilitation project.