Monday, 8 August, 2022

WhatsApp to hide ‘online’ indicator

WhatsApp to hide ‘online’ indicator

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WhatsApp has introduced a number of privacy-oriented changes and features over the years. From the ability to disable your read receipts, or blue ticks, to even hiding your profile picture from certain or all contacts.

However, one aspect of WhatsApp has not changed for a long time and that is the ‘Online’ indicator that pops under name/number on others’ devices.

Now, it seems WhatsApp is finally working on this, and may introduce a change to the app in the future that lets you turn off the ‘Online’ status indicator entirely, letting you open the app whenever you want, without letting friends, family, colleagues or pretty much anyone finding out. WABetaInfo reported that the platform is working on a feature that will let WhatsApp users’ control who can see their online status.