Monday, 8 August, 2022

StanChart, CAMPE to support 15,000 flood-hit victims

StanChart, CAMPE to support 15,000 flood-hit victims

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Standard Chartered Bangladesh and Campaign For Popular Education (CAMPE) have joined together to deliver emergency essentials and other necessary aid to flood-hit individuals across Sylhet.

As part of the Bank’s immediate response to the recent flood situation, packages containing emergency food and hygiene supplies have already been disbursed to 5,000 beneficiaries, said a press release.

 A further 10,000 beneficiaries will be supported through the next phase of the initiative.

Each relief package is structured to feed a family of five for up to two weeks and ensures that families are able to keep themselves and their surroundings clean.

Food supplies being provided to all 15,000 beneficiaries follow standard nutrition and calorie intake guidelines. ORSaline-N has also been provided as part of the distribution to help stave off waterborne illness.

Following the disbursement of relief packages to 15,000 beneficiaries, the bank will work to enable long-term recovery in an effort to mitigate the lasting impacts of the year’s catastrophic flooding.

Standard Chartered Bangladesh is working closely with execution partners to address two post-flood challenges – diminished access to healthcare and resources, along with job loss and the need for reskilling and reintegration into the economy.