Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Padma Bridge collects highest Tk 31.6m toll on 6th day

Padma Multipurpose Bridge (PMB) collected the highest toll of Tk 31.6 million from vehicles on Friday.

Some 26,398 vehicles crossed the bridge on the day, according to Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA).

The authorities concerned also started collection of toll on Bangabandhu Expressway at both ends of the Padma Bridge.

Some Tk 6.9 million was collected from 41,714 vehicles which crossed the elevated road.  

Some 26,064 vehicles crossed the toll plaza near Dhaleshwari Bridge depositing Tk 4.5 million while 15,650 vehicles passed the line giving some Tk 2.4 million as toll.

Some 13,801 vehicles crossed the Mawa end of the Padma Bridge with Tk 16.5 million and 12,596 vehicles crossed through Jazira end with Tk 15.1 million.

Earlier on June 26, first day of public movement, Padma Bridge transported more than 61 thousand vehicles with collection of around Tk 27.5 million. However, 75 percent of the vehicles were motorcycles.

A total of Tk 20.9 million has been collected on the first day on Padma Bridge while 51,316 vehicles crossed the mega infrastructure. Since the inauguration of Padma Bridge, the bridge authorities have set a target of collecting a toll of Tk 1.33 billion per month.

That money will be repaid in 140 installments. For this, the government wants to collect a toll of Tk 16.03 billion annually.

The government expects Padma Bridge's construction cost to be recovered in the next 35 years, according to BBA.

The finance ministry provided BBA Tk 300 billion as credit, which will be repaid with a one percent interest rate in 35 years.