Monday, 8 August, 2022

No more humiliation of nation builders

No more humiliation of nation builders

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Erosion of moral values seems to have taken a serious turn in our society. It is an ominous indication and poses a threat to our social structure. It has assumed such an upsetting proportion that even those who had traditionally been held in high esteem and honoured and respected by all and sundry are now being humiliated, and even being killed, very often not for any fault of their own. It is a case for concern as to where the society is heading to and how to put it back on track.

Teachers are usually honoured and respected in our society as they are the real nation builders. We are born without any knowledge and skill; and it is the teachers who impart a great deal of knowledge to us. Without teachers at all levels we would not have been what we are today. It is due to the great contribution teachers make to society that they deserve to be honoured and respected. But the alarming trend nowadays is that teachers are not only disrespected but very often dishonoured, humiliated and assaulted by none other than the very students they impart knowledge to and also by powerful coteries.

The entire segment of educated and conscious segment of society is enraged at the beating to death of a teacher by a student on the city outskirts almost a week ago. The killer is reportedly an active member of a juvenile gang and allegedly involved in eve teasing. The criminal mercilessly beat his teacher who is the head of the disciplinary committee of institution and as such admonished him for wrongdoing. Teachers and students across the country and different socio-cultural and political organisations demanded exemplary punishment of the killer.

In yet another abominable incident, the principal of a college in Narail was humiliated in broad daylight over allegations of communal provocation. Without waiting for an official investigation into the allegation, he was garlanded with slippers and sandals reportedly in presence of government officials and members of law enforcement agencies and was even paraded to the local police station with the shoe-garland hanging from his neck. What an utter ignominy of a teacher at the tertiary level of education! The perpetrators in both the cases must be awarded stringent punishment. Authorities concerned and conscious segment of society at large must make utmost efforts to protect the honour and dignity of the nation builders.