Sunday, 14 August, 2022

I Am a Scared Teacher Now!

Rashed Mahmud

Thrashing a teacher is pleasing! It can give us the pleasure of achievement. Why do our teachers insist on us listening to their maxims?  This is the job for those who do not have any other serious task to do.

Why will a teacher demonstrate his professionalism out of the classroom? It is not their duty to teach discipline. Rather, it is the duty of some special forces. In other words, the concern of a teacher should be providing lectures in the classroom. Moreover, they should remember that we are in the same bracket. There is no need to make any distinction between us!

Apart from these, we do not need to learn from them as we can easily access information from the internet.  Also, listening to their lecture is very boring and obeying them is irritating.

When we get admitted into any institution our main concern is to get a piece of paper for recognition. Therefore, we cannot tolerate their going beyond the limit. We want them to teach us the contents of the curriculum, give brief suggestions to pass the exams, and evaluate the answer scripts.

Is it necessary to pay attention to their words or show respect outside the classroom? We endure a lot in the classroom. Thus, expecting to show respect or follow their instructions is a bit much. We want to lead a life according to our own wishes. Hence, any kind of interference will not be allowed.

To be clear, my words above are satire. I was shocked by the news published on 27 June in the Daily Sun entitled “College teacher ‘beaten by students with cricket stump’ dies in Savar’’.  The deceased teacher, Utpal Kumar Sarkar, was a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Chairperson of the disciplinary committee at the Haji Yunus Ali School and College in Chintrasil area of Ashulia for almost 10 years.

The accused is a class 10 student at that school. The matter is, like every year, tournaments for girls' and boys' football were arranged. On Saturday, a girls' cricket match took place. People were enjoying the match, all of a sudden, at around 2.00 pm, a student attacked Utpal with a stump while he was standing on one side of the field. Although he was rescued and admitted to Enam Medical College and Hospital in Savar, he succumbed to death later on.

My point is there were so many people on the ground to watch the match. But why did somebody not come to rescue him immediately? Also how ferociously did he beat the teacher that it caused his death!

Two years ago, I wrote a column in the Daily Sun entitled “Tales of Teachers” where I tried to depict the social status of the teachers. The status of the teachers has declined due to their poor income and limited power. Nowadays the goings on is terrifying. In the past, teachers were the most revered persons in the society as we get description in the poem “Shikkhoker Morjada” of poet Kazi Qader Newaz. A teacher was teaching the son of king Alamgir. One day, the king noticed that his son was pouring water on the legs of the teacher and the teacher was using his hand to wash his legs. Therefore, the king summoned the teacher. However, the teacher was anxious that he made the prince pour water on his leg. Since the king saw this, he might be in trouble now. Then he pacified himself that as a teacher his esteem is higher. So, he will make the king understand. Then the next day the teacher went to meet the king and he asked the teacher if his son had learned any manners from him or not. He added that I think he was misbehaving with you just by pouring water. If he had learned manners, he would have washed your legs with his hand. Listening to this, the teacher uttered loudly “from now teacher's esteem is elevated, you are a generous king, indeed.”

Paying homage for the teacher is a distinct matter. To tell the truth, it comes from the bottom of our heart. This learning, in reality, at first comes from our family and it helps to develop overall humanity. At the present time, our old tradition of reverence for teachers is turning into disdain.

 Although the generation gap is little as a young teacher, the description of showing honour to our teacher has become myths, nowadays, to this generation. During our time we used to consider many things while approaching our teacher. For instance, we find it discourteous to walk in front of them. Besides, before making any phone call to our teachers we try to find a soundless place as well as consider the time if it is suitable time or not. Also, we get off from our bikes or bicycle to show respect. However, many things have changed with time. Teachers have lost their position. Situation has made us reach into such a frightful state that we feel alarmed at the present time, let alone getting respect or honour of our time. I am a scared teacher now.


The writer is a Lecturer, Department of English, Dhaka International University