Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Another Covid wave: Precaution urgent

Corona cases have started rising again early this month after the positivity rate dropped for months together. As per press reports, infections have jumped 300pc in a week which may increase the fatality during the fourth wave of the infection. This is indeed a matter of great concern. A highly placed source at the government's IEDCR blamed it on people’s sheer negligence in maintaining health guidelines. As per a DGHS official, Omicron sub-variants are also playing a role in increasing the number of corona cases. According to him, the current surge of coronavirus may continue for at least two to three weeks if we tackle it effectively. Covid-19 spike demands people's heightened attention. As responsible citizens, each and every one should voluntarily start wearing facemasks in public places. Alongside, it is mandatory for all to maintain social distancing, avoid large gatherings till the current spike recedes to safer levels.

People should also wash their hands with soap at regular intervals and get vaccinated as soon as possible. It is not at all a tough task to follow the official instructions for the interest of public safety. The health minister too asked people, especially the elderly citizens, to get the booster dose of corona shots. It is also time to get our children vaccinated at the first opportunity. That helps keep all of us, including the children, safe. By taking precautionary measures, we shall be able to move about as freely as is reasonable. Against the backdrop of rise in infection rate, the Cabinet Division issued a public notice for enforcing the "no mask, no service" policy everywhere, ensuring social distancing in all religious places, encouraging people with symptoms to have Covid-19 tests and undertaking media campaign to create awareness among people. If we strictly follow the health protocols, we will be able to handle the current spike without shutting down business establishments and imposing harsh lockdowns what we had to face during previous infection periods. We all have to play our part sincerely to get through this health crisis.