Friday, 19 August, 2022

For perfect safety of Padma Bridge

The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is the symbol of the nation’s pride. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina formally opened the bridge on June 25 and was opened to traffic on the following day. But, some untoward incidents happened on the day. A young man unscrewed two nuts and bolts, videoed it and made it viral on Tiktok. When the whole world is greeting Bangladesh for the bridge, that person opened the nuts of the bridge questioning its security. It remains a pertinent question. Is it part of a subversive activity? The truth will come out following his interrogation. A large number of vehicles, including motorbikes, private cars, buses and trucks crossed the bridge in a haphazard manner. It was specially the bikers who behaved in an unruly manner. They plied their bikes defying the speed limit earmarked by the authorities concerned.

The same evening, two bikers were killed in a crash on the bridge while filming on a mobile phone. Some commuters took photos on the bridge. Everyone seemed to be indifferent to the traffic rules. Widespread indiscipline reigned on the bridge on that very day. Maintenance and safety and security of Padma Bridge should get the highest priority. Its maintenance and security system should be strengthened at any cost. The administration has already started working on the issue. It has banned the movement of motorcycles through the bridge.

Local administration has launched a mobile court drive against those who violate the rules while crossing the dream bridge. We welcome the official move. We strongly suggest deployment of a large contingent of security personal in the bridge area; they should patrol the entire area day and night and work in a well-coordinated manner to ensure foolproof safety of the bridge.  Vigilance should be increased at the site to prevent any untoward incidents.  Installed closed circuit cameras should be made operative round the clock to prevent the wrong doers from indulging in any harmful acts. Cyber monitoring should be expedited to curb the digital crimes. However, no plan will succeed without the support of the people. So, all should extend their hands of cooperation towards the authorities concerned to ensure safety and security as well as maintenance of the bridge.