Sunday, 14 August, 2022

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Windows 8.1 OS to lose support

Windows 8.1 OS to lose support

Microsoft will end the support for Windows 8.1 operating system from January next year as the users were asked to upgrade to newer versions to continue service securely.

The tech giant also published a list of FAQs on its website addressing various questions people may have about the change, including what happens if you continue to use Windows 8.1 after January 2023.

Note that Windows 8.1 will not stop working post January 2023. However, with no security updates, your Windows 8.1 desktop or laptop could be vulnerable to various risks and attacks via the web or local wired and wireless connections.

Applications like Microsoft 365 will also no longer support Windows 8.1 PCs after January 10, since they follow Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy that encourages users to stay updated.