Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

Tap bridge-created tourism potentials

The Padma Bridge is expected to bring a revolutionary change in the country’s economic sectors by exploring new horizons with smooth connectivity between the capital and southern and south-western districts of this delta, where hundreds of famous tourist destinations were less travelled just because of the under-developed transportation system and lack of modern facilities. With the inauguration of the bridge, which itself has turned into a tourist attraction, the country’s tourism sector predictably gets a much-needed boost to increase its share in the national economy.

It is worth mentioning that a large number of tourists keep themselves away from southern and south-western region tours out of their discomfort at travelling on the waterways and owing to long tailbacks at ferry terminals. As a result, the beauty of attractive tourist destinations like the world’s largest mangrove forest the Sundarbans and a unique sea beach Kuakata with the offerings to enjoy sunrise and sunset from the same place remains unexplored to a great extent. Now, those travellers will find the region closer to them as the bridge on the mighty river will make travels easier and more comfortable for them.

The much-anticipated bridge has all potential to change the face of the country’s tourism sector and attract a lot of local and foreign tourists if a regional tourism master plan combining Kuakata, the Sundarbans and other adjacent tourist destinations is prepared. In addition to natural and historical sites, artificial tourist spots can be developed centring historically and commercially significant places to enchant tourists. It has already revealed how a 10-and-a-half-kilometer river-training area on the Zajira end of the bridge has already become a tourist spot.

The Padma Bridge has created opportunities, but taping the prospect will largely depend on proper planning of the authorities concerned and branding of tourist spots. The Maldives is a shining example of how to utilise natural resources providing modern facilities to beguile foreign holidaymakers. We have much more natural resources than that of the island country and with the opening of the Padma Bridge the transportation system will also reach a new level; the authorities now have to develop new ideas to exploit the tourism potential.