Tuesday, 9 August, 2022

Coke Studio Bangla’s 7th song released

Coke Studio Bangla’s 7th song released
Kaniz Khandaker Mitu

Coke Studio Bangla released their seventh track on Tuesday night, marking the World Music Day. The   song titled ‘Shob Lokey Koy’, highlights the divine connection between two mystical poets of Bangladesh and India —Fakir Lalon Shah and Kabir Das.     

Singers Kaniz Khandaker Mitu and Murshidabadi have lent their voices to this fusion of Lalon’s ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ and Kabir’s ‘Kabira Kuan Ek Hai’. Noted musician Shayan Chowdhury Arnob has arranged and composed the song.  

The song begins with Murshidabadi’s wonderful vocal blending with classical tune. Lalon’s  ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ in Kaniz’s voice echoes the message of compassion and unity takes the listener’s to a surreal nostalgic drive.  

 ‘Shob Lokey Koy’ is dedicated to the eternal love residing within the hearts of one man towards another. It can be seen that human beings have always been a part of a single consciousness. The same can be said about mystic poets Fakir Lalon Shah and Kabir Das. Living in different times, different countries and even with different cultural identities, they still shared ideologies on harmony and coexistence.

About the song, Kaniz Khandaker Mitu said, “It is a great achievement for me that I’ve lent my voice to Shai ji’s song at a big platform like Coke Studio Bangla. I’ve rendered the song with utmost care. I hope the audience will enjoy the song very much.”

“I’m very grateful to Arnob da for this song. I also express my gratitude to my Ostad Golam Rabbani Roton because of him I’m today’s Mitu.  Please keep me in your prayers”, she added.

Earlier, Coke Studio Bangla released six super hit songs, including ‘Nasek Nasek’, ‘Bulbuli’  and ‘Chiltey Roud’.