Saturday, 13 August, 2022

‘Amrapali’ mangoes being exported to UK

NAOGAON: Mangoes produced organically in Sapahar Upazila of Naogaon district are being exported to the United Kingdom (UK).

Meeting the local demand, the popular Amrapali variety mangoes of the district are being exported to the United Kingdom and other countries.

The first consignment of the dainty fruit has already left the country for UK on Tuesday, sources said.

Youth entrepreneur Sohel Rana, the owner of ‘Rupgram’ and ‘Barind Agro Park’ under Sapahar upazila, is the sole exporter of Amrapali mangoes in the district.

Sohel Rana said, ‘In the first consignment, on Monday, I sent 1,000 kg of Bari-3 variety of Amrapali mango to the packing house at Shampur in Dhaka. After quarantine and hot water treatment, it will leave for England on Tuesday. Then there are some more orders of this mango which will be sent in phases. Mangoes are being exported through North Bengal Agro. BARI’S scientific officer Dr Sharaf Uddin who is providing technical assistance.

“After that, 50 tonnes of mangoes from my garden will go to several countries in the Middle East, including the European Union,” he said.

Sohel Rana said, ‘I want to export Amrapali, Bari-4, Banana Mango, Katimon, Langra, Himsagar, Fazli, Miyazaki and other varieties of local and foreign mangoes”.

“Last year, I exported 8 metric tonnes of mangoes of Amrapali and Banana Mango varieties from my orchard to England and Qatar and got good prices,” he said.

The postgraduate student Sohel Rana said, “I started the farm on four acres of land while I was studying honors in statistics at a university in 2015. Now my farm has been extended to some 45 acres of land with over 2,000 Amrapali varieties.”

He said, “Exporting mangoes to foreign countries is pretty complicated. I had to ensure special care at the time of growth of the mangoes and maintain additional formalities in order to export the fruits abroad. I applied chemical-free bio-fertiliser all the time. The fruits went through several quality control units in Dhaka to be eligible for export.”

“After all these hassles, I am still happy with the export. Except UK, I am getting orders from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In the first consignment, one tonne of mangoes was sent and I have a plan to send about ten tonnes of the fruit this season.

Sapahar Upazila Agriculture Officer Shapla Khatun said, “15 farmers of the upazila have been trained for non-toxic and safe mango cultivation.” Throughout the season we have taken care of the process of mango production in the orchards of these farmers. It is suitable for exporting mangoes produced by these farmers and free from harmful chemicals.

The agriculture official further said that among the trained farmers, Sohel Rana, an educated young entrepreneur from Godownpara of Sapahar Upazila, has one and a half thousand Amrapali varieties in his garden planted on 108 bighas of land. In addition to a variety of native mango trees in his garden, there are exotic Miyazaki, Thai Banana Mango, Red Palmer, Kensington Pride, Austin, and Ruby varieties. He is the first to get the opportunity to export banana mango from Bangladesh, the official said.

In this regard, Sapahar Upazila Nirbahi Upazila (UNO) Abdullah Al Mamun said, ‘Sapahar mango is going abroad. This is very good news. Mango was sent abroad from this region through Sohel Rana. Hopefully, seeing him, other farmers will also be interested in sending mangoes abroad in the future. We can also play a role in earning foreign money by exporting mangoes abroad.

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) sources said the Amrapali (Bari Aam-3) variety has vastly been cultivated in Naogaon this year. Sapahar, Porsha, Patnitala and Niamatpur upazilas of the district are prominent for farming of the mango variety. Amrapali mangoes variety cultivated in the areas are much sweeter and delicious.

Upazila DAE officials said, “Many other mango growers of the area are becoming interested in cultivation of Amrapali variety and getting ready for exporting mangoes next seasons.”

“We hope, the exporting amount will be increased manifold in the upcoming years,” the officials added.