Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Manpower export to Malaysia streamlined

Despite the fact that Malaysia is one of the most lucrative destinations for our workers, over many years Bangladesh failed to send sufficient number of job seekers to that country, and those who somehow managed to land there had to undergo boundless sufferings in the recruitment process and pay exorbitant charges due to monopolistic control over recruitment of job seekers by a syndicate of ten foul recruiting agents. What is even more frightening is that these monopolists lured workers under the false promise of high payment jobs but actually left the workers stranded in that country. Their dishonest actions not only fleeced the job seekers and caused serious harm to the country’s remittance earnings but also tarnished the image of Bangladesh.

The unholy affairs of the unscrupulous recruiting agents seem to be coming to an end soon. Obviously with the objective of shattering the monopoly control of the syndicate, Bangladesh government sent a list of more than one thousand and five hundred recruiting companies to the Malaysian government, from which the host country accredited 25 agencies. The initiative of the two governments will undoubtedly help avoid monopolistic practices in the recruitment of workers and safeguard the welfare of the poor fellow.

As part of another bold step, the Malaysian authorities will select an additional 250 companies that will have to work within the structure of the accredited agencies. According to the arrangement, 10 of the subsequently selected agencies will be attached to each of the accredited companies; the attached companies will be a part of the recruitment process and assist recruitment of workers in accordance with the set standard and guidelines. We hope that these pragmatic steps will streamline the recruitment process and make manpower export to Malaysia hassle-free. Strict measures must also be taken so that no undesirable element can stealthily enter the recruitment process and hamper manpower export. Bangladesh cannot lose the Malaysian job market.