Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Don’t troll on social media: Jaya

If you want to criticize me come face to face, says the actress

Don’t troll on social media: Jaya

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As glamorous as the showbiz looks like, trolls and inappropriate comments have become a part of many celebrities’ lives, especially in this age of social media. Jaya Ahsan, too, has faced online trolling, negative comments and sometimes even personal attacks online. However, the actress says she’s now used to it and just ignores the negative comments.

“I don’t think too much about such indecent comments anymore. It has become part of our lives. Those who troll in fact show the negative mindset inside them. Everybody can say anything to anyone. But it takes a lot of courage to say these things face to face. Not everyone has the guts to take the challenge. If you have the courage to say these things in front of me say it. Why inflict negativity on social media? It has no value to me if you are commenting about me hiding your face. Show your courage and come face to face,” explained Jaya while attending the press meet of her upcoming Kolkata’s film ‘Jhora Palok’, reports Times of India.

Being trolled for having a certain type of body is not unusual. It is something that is experienced not only by a common person but by a lot of celebrities too. Jaya Ahsan has often raised her voice taking a dig at trolls who indulge in body-shaming because she herself has been a victim of this.

Meanwhile, Jaya’s upcoming film ‘Jhora Palok’, also starring Bratya Basu as poet Jibananda Das is set to release in theatres on June 24. The actress plays the role of Labonno, wife of the late poet, in the biopic based on the life of Jibananda.

“There are quite a few twists and turns you would see in my character in ‘Jhora Palok’. It was Labonno who gave Jibananda the courage and ignited the fire within him to pursue his goals. Her unconditional love for the poet will be visible throughout the film,” shared the actress while speaking about her role in the film.