Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Street foods get popular among students on RU campus

Street foods get popular among students on RU campus
A vendor is busy selling street foods to the students on the Rajshahi University campus. The photo was taken in front of Mamataj Uddin Ahmed academic building on Monday. – Mostafijur Rahman Mintu

RAJSHAHI: One of the top attractions of the Rajshahi University (RU) campus is the street food. The University of Rajshahi is not just an educational institution but also a historical and cultural hub of the country.

From the central library to Paschimpara everybody can find numerous street food carts and stalls to buy snacks from while anyone wander around. Due to the pandemic, some of the popular items like the special Burger near Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Hall are currently unavailable. But several kinds of street foods such as fuchka, jhalmuri, Lebuchur, Barovaja, Lemon juices, sugarcane juice, bhelpuri, pickles and khichuri among many others to eat.

Khandani special chotpoti and Fuchka: Fuchka stalls are omnipresent at the campus all the way from Zarjij Chattar, Iblish Chattar, In front of Ismail Hossain Siraji Building and Shaheed Minar Chattar. The stuffed fuchkas are usually topped with shredded boiled eggs, onions and coriander leaves. The sweet and sour tamarind chutney gives the fuchka a rich, tangy flavour. In those stalls specially choto fuchka, which comes with a tok pani (sour tamarind water) as well as a mishti pani (sweet tamarind water). Both are extremely popular among students.

Vangchur and Lebuchur: Tajmim Akhter Tithi, a fourth year student of Social Work Department said, “I usually prefer hygiene over everything, but sometimes I give into my craving for street foods and come to the Iblish Chattar to eat delicious jhalmuri and lebuchur with a limited cost at 10 Taka which contains nimki and lemon made by Sajjad Hossain.  Mixed Varta: Kala and Kadbel varta are so appetizing to the students specially to female residents which are available at Shaheed Buddhijibi Chattar.

Six-Items: Six items is also one of the attractive food items at Station Bazar of the university campus, popularly known as ‘System’ to the Rajshahi University students. There is nobody in the university who doesn’t eat this exceptional food. Basically, the system is the sum of six items are rice, dal, mashed potatoes, half an egg, fry vegetables and salad which is available for only 20 Taka.

Colourful Sherbets: As the level of warmth in Rajshahi University is much more than comparison to other campus. So, this time is one of the other jurisdiction season of the Sharab’s business. Different types of sherbets are available which contains with Lemon, Papaya, wood apple, pineapple and banana, price ranges between Tk 10 to Tk 40.

Moreover, containing one small cup of teal made by Shamim Hossin near to Jarjij Chattar attract all samosa, singara, dal-puri and chops are one of the most traditional snack platters available at Tuitaki Chattar. However, if anyone’s mood munch has in the duskier and only want a cup of tea, there are numerous options. There is a myriad of flavours like malta, Rimix (Lemon and Ginger mixed).