Wednesday, 6 July, 2022

Coke Studio Bangla Concert: Rain couldn’t resist the music lovers

Despite the uninterrupted rain and tailbacks on roads shown on Google Map, thousands of fans cared a little to throng the army stadium in the capital to enjoy the first-ever Coke Studio Bangla Live concert, proving their painstaking efforts to be worth the five-hour wait.

Though many speculated that the show would be cancelled, Coke Studio's outstanding team worked tirelessly until the very last minute to deliver one of the most memorable nights to all the listeners who stuck with them through the challenges, earning a magical moonlit night.

The concert was held on Thursday, arranged by Coca-Cola Bangladesh and Bangladesh Football Federation, marking the global tour of the FIFA World Cup trophy.  

The event began at 9:00pm with the performance of Coke Studio Bangla season one theme song ‘Ekla Cholo’ by the music producer of the ongoing season, Shayan Chowdhury Arnob. Team Coke Studio Bangla, along with the musicians and orchestra of the ongoing season one, enthralled the audience with their fabulous performance.

When Animesh Roy and Pantha Kanai started performing with their power-packed fusion track ‘Nasek Nasek’, the Army Stadium resounded with cheers and applause.

Then Ritu Raj with Nandita and Arnob with Boga Taleb appeared on stage respectively and mesmerised the audience with their magical performances of their songs ‘Bulbuli’, and ‘Chiltey Roud’.

Folk queen Momotaz Begum alongside rockstar Mizan Rahman came on stage and sang their folk fusion ‘Prarthona’. A one-minute silence was observed to commemorate the victims of the recent Sitakunda fire tragedy before the performance.

Lalon band vocal Nigar Sumi and hip hop collective Jalali Set, took the stage soon after with ‘Bhober Pagol ‘ and enchanted the audience with their performance. The last song from the Coke Studio ensemble was their latest release, ‘Bhinnotar Somabesh’.

Then the line-up was followed by the enthralling performance of popular singer Tahsan Khan. He sung three of his popular tracks: ‘Durey Tumi Dariye’, ‘Prematal’, and ‘Alo’.

After Tahsan, popular band Nemesis delighted the audience with their hit songs ‘Gonojowar’ and ‘Kobe’. Lalon followed by Nemesis came on stage and started with ‘Ruhani’. Nigar Sumi, who had already featured in Coke Studio’s rendition of ‘Bhober Pagol’, sang once again with Lalon.

Then the magic of music continued with the band Warfaze. They performed two of their popular tracks ‘Purnota’ and ‘Boshe Achi’.

Because of the heavy rain, the event time was reduced and bands Introit and Arekta Rock Band were dropped from the list.

Finally, the much-awaited Nagarbaul’s James came to the stage and sang four of his famous tracks: ‘Bheegi Bheegi, ‘Dushtu Chele’, ‘Taray Taray’ and ‘Pagla Hawa’. The excited and happy audience enjoyed and danced with their hands up.

At the end of the day, after overcoming all obstacles, it can be said the event was successful.