Wednesday, 6 July, 2022

Desecrating Comments on Prophet (SAW)

2 BJP leaders removed from party

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 10 June, 2022 12:00 AM
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India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken tougher action against the two party men, who made insulting and controversial comments against Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

The BJP also issued a generic statement, saying: “[The party] strongly denounces insults of any religious personalities of any religion.”

On Sunday, the BJP suspended Nupur Sharma from the party. The head of the party’s Delhi media unit, Naveen Kumar Jindal, was also expelled for sharing a screenshot of her offensive comment in a tweet.

The BJP further said it was “against any ideology which insults or demeans any sect or religion” and added that it did not “promote such people or philosophy”. “The BJP denounces insults of any religious personalities of any religion,” reads the statement.

In a statement, the External Affairs Ministry (MEA) also said the comments did not reflect the stand of the government and that they were “views of fringe elements”.

“Strong action has already been taken against these individuals by relevant bodies.....,” said Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson of MEA.

“Unfortunately, vested interests that are against the uniquely friendly India-Bangladesh relationship are attempting to incite the people using derogatory comments,” said an analyst as some groups are active to make it an issue in Dhaka.

“Both countries should continue to work together against such mischievous elements who aim to undercut the strength of our strong bilateral ties, and try to create social disharmony and conflict.”

The BPJ in its statement also said during the thousands of years of the history of India every religion has blossomed and flourished.

“India’s constitution gives the right to every citizen to practise any religion of his/her choice and to honour and respect every religion.

“As India celebrates the 75th year of its independence, we are committed to making India a great country where all are equal and everyone lives with dignity, where all are committed to India’s unity and integrity, where all enjoy the fruits of growth and development.”

Meanwhile, after being suspended over her remarks on Prophet Muhammad during a recent TV debate, former BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma issued an apology and unconditionally withdrew her statement noting that it was never her intention to hurt anyone’s religious feelings.

Right after the BJP expelled its Delhi media head Naveen Kumar Jindal from the party over controversial remarks against minorities, he clarified that he respects people of all faiths.