Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

Root out conspirators

While Bangladesh is progressing in a tremendous way to be recognised worldwide as a development miracle making the whole nation proud, a vested quarter is always active there to destabilise the country and prove it as a failed state just out of their jealousy. To them, the success of our motherland is a pennant that is announcing their failure. As a result, they always try to foil any good initiative taken aiming to alter the kismet of the people and make the state shine brighter. So, it is beyond anyone’s belief that the quarter will stay idle when the country’s largest bridge is all set to be inaugurated in a few days and they do not ‘disappoint’.

Yesterday’s lead news of this daily states that with the dream Padma Bridge going to open to traffic on June 25, a vested quarter is allegedly conspiring to foil the gala inaugural ceremony. Citing detective sources, the report says the deadly explosion at Sitakunda container depot in Chattogram, recent student clashes at Dhaka University, the artificial food crisis in markets and garment workers’ movements are part of a conspiracy. As part of their evil design, a vested interest group has generated these problems to destabilise the country and hinder the ongoing pace of socio-economic development.

This is not the lone case; rather their devilish attempts have been unearthed many times since our great Liberation War. However, they are still active and dare to plot against the country. This time they are making efforts to thwart the gala event of the inauguration of the much-anticipated Padma Bridge for which the whole nation is waiting for years because of its likely social and economic impacts. This group is the enemy to not only the people but also the state. So, the law enforcement agencies must take tougher action against them. The anti-state group have to be made realise that the country is no longer run by any anti-liberation forces but by the apt daughter of the Father of the Nation.