Friday, 19 August, 2022

BGMEA delegation visits Miles headquarters in Germany

A delegation of BGMEA headed by President Faruque Hassan visited the headquarters of Miles GmbH, a leading German fashion company, in Hamburg on Friday. 

Vice President Miran Ali, Directors Barrister Vidiya Amrit Khan, Md Imranur Rahman, Neela Hosna Ara and Chair of BGMEA Standing Committee on Foreign Mission Cell Shams Mahmud, Ambassador of Bangladesh to Germany Md. Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan and Commercial Counsellor of Bangladesh Embassy in Berlin Md. Saiful Islam accompanied the president.

This was the first-ever visit by a delegation from Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters

 Association (BGMEA) to Miles, one of the largest importers of apparels sourcing from Bangladesh since 1983.

Head of Logistics and Supply Chain of Miles GmbH Matthias Kahl and General Manager Quality Management Heinrich Becker, greeted the BGMEA delegation.

The visit was co-hosted by the senior management of the company as well as representatives of German importers. 

They discussed the progress made by the RMG industry of Bangladesh and potentials and ways of forging long-term relationship with Germany.

In the meeting, the BGMEA delegation was given an overview of the business operations of Miles, its business model, supply chain management and future plans.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan shared the current situation of Bangladesh’s RMG industry during the meeting.

He also highlighted the industry’s future priorities, including initiatives for capacity building and product diversification, especially shift to high-end non-cotton products.

He also pointed out the industry’s growing emphasis on innovation, technological upgradation and skills development to meet the future challenges and retain competitiveness in the global market.

BGMEA President Faruque Hassan urged Miles to strengthen its partnership with their Bangladeshi suppliers in enhancing capabilities, particularly in manufacturing valued-added garments.