Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

Erosion by Kushiyara river takes serious turn in Sylhet

SYLHET: Erosion by the Kushiyara river have taken a serious turn in Beanibazar upazila of Sylhet and continued devouring more fresh areas every day.

As a result, thousands of people of different villages in the upazila became homeless.

As flood water start receding, people on the banks of the Kushiyara river experience severe erosion. Many houses, roads, graveyards, culvert, farmland, mosque and others institution were already gone into the river bed.

Local people said, day by day the Kushiyara river become widen as erosion turn it’s serious. Several crackers were developed in many river bank areas, but concern authorities remain silent to protect from the river erosion of these area.

It was alleged that earlier local administration already gave shelter to the dragger user   instead of local people hardly opposed, which is the one of main reason for river erosion said the many affected people to the Daily Sun in anonymity condition.

Meanwhile, Angura Mohammedpur villagers under Beanibazar upazila in Sylhet district were already lodges written complained to the district administration to stop use the dragger for protect their village from river erosion in earlier.

Miftha Uddin, an inhabitant of Angura Mohammedpur village said, especially river erosion turn serious in our village only for use the dragger machine. We already lost our riverbank road, mosque, local bazaar, a bridge and huge area of farm land, graveyard and many houses. We complaint to the all concern authorities for stop the dragger using in earlier he further said. 

Some of 30 villages in Beanibazar upazila are in a serious threat for river erosion of the Kushiyara river. The villages are Dewalgram, Govindasree, Angura Mohammedpur, Uttar Akakhajna, Aungura, Akahkhajna, Shalehshar, Boiragibazar, Balinga, Angarjur, Kakardiya, Shawla, Neraudei, Dubag, Panjepuri, Gaguoa, Fulmolik and Gojukata are the threat of erode as their location on the river bank.

In recently, Kurarbazar Union Parishad Chairman, Tutiur Ur Rahman Tuta was wrote an application to the Sylhet water development board authorities to take step to protect the vulnerable river embankment prone area as early as possible.

In every year local people spent more money to protect them from river erosion by made river dam by using bamboo fence with sand fill sacks in the bank of river erosion area. But local influential people erode it’s by using dragger for lift the sand during the rainy season. 

Shohiduzzaman, Executive Engineer of Sylhet Water Development Board said, we already repair and made river protection dam in vulnerable area. But river erosion turns serious when dragger is use for lift sand from the river bed.

When asked about the dragger machine used accelerate the river erosion to Mujibur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet said, if any one liable for river erode by using dragger machine, we will take legal action against them.