Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Chilli farmers happy over bumper yield, price in Manikganj

Chilli farmers happy over bumper yield, price in Manikganj

MANIKGANJ: The farmers of Manikganj district are happy over bumper chilli yield and fair price of their produce this year.

The harvesting of green chilli is going on in full swing and appearing at the local markets to great extent and the cultivators are happy for achieving expected production of their products.

Now per kilogram green chilli is being sold at Tk 60-65 at the local markets and the whole sale rate is Tk 45 per KG.

The cultivators of Shibalaya and Ghior Upazilas of the district have been selling their green chilli at the Barangail and Uthuli Bazar and the cultivators of Harirampur Upazila are selling their products at Bathoimuri, Jhitka, Balla and Sarupai bazars to the retailers.

The sources said, the green chilli cultivators did not get harvest in due time of the year as the drought hampered the green chilli cultivation, but now the green chillies are abundant in the markets.

The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said after onion, green chilli is the most important cash crop for the cultivators of Shibalaya, Harirampur and Ghior upazila of the district.

During the harvesting season of green chilli, a large number of people are engaged in the seasonal trading and earning a good amount of money.

Large number of wholesalers and retailers come to the areas to collect the green pepper from the cultivators regularly.

Hundreds of trucks run in the areas to collect the green chillies and go to the different places in the country to supply it. Hundreds of labourers, mainly women, are engaged in harvesting the green chilli from the field.

Abdur Rahman, one of the green chilli traders said everyday a group of traders visit the local markets and buy green chillies from their godown for supplying it to different parts of the country. He said five to six people work every day in his shop.

Ahmad Ali, one of the cultivators said they have been cultivating green chillies in their lands from generation to generation.

Akkas Ali, one of the green chilli traders, said the green chilli of Manikganj has been exported to some countries in European and Middle East and its markets are being widened day by day.

The DAE sources said they set a target of green chilli cultivation on 4000 hectares of land in the district with a production target of 6600 metric tons during the current season.

Deputy Director (DD) of the DAE Abu Mohammad Enayet Ullah said the soil of Manikganj district especially Harirampur, Shibalaya and Ghior are suitable for green chilli cultivation adding that the quality of the green chilli of Manikganj is better than other districts of the country and it has a great demand in the markets.