Sunday, 3 July, 2022

Make birth registration hassle-free

The government is satisfactorily marching ahead to set up technology in its offices to fulfil one of its election promise to make Bangladesh Digital. However, attainting the main purpose of launching digital services – making the services hassle-free and less time-consuming – remains a far cry to a great extent. Instead of reducing hassle, digitisation process has increased service seekers' torment in some offices. The Office of the Registrar General, Birth and Death Registration (ORGBDR) is one of those.

According to a report of this daily yesterday, people are failing to get birth certificates in the country as the central server has remained blocked for the last few days. While the certificate is needed to get various kinds of services, people cannot apply for the certificates and download those. The reason behind current problem is claimed to be the collapse of the central server of the office. However, this is not the first time the server got collapsed or people had to go through severe hassle to get services.

In recent times, to get a birth certificate across the country has been one of the most irritating experiences for citizens. Along with the managerial and other issues, the slow server was made responsible for delayed services in local ORGBDR offices. Even the central server allegedly stopped working on several occasions. But, we never know what sort of initiatives was taken in response to save the data of millions of citizens. However, one thing is very clear whatever measures taken were not enough, which has been evident through the latest collapse of the server that results in the missing birth registration data of millions of citizens who will have to go through the same hazardous birth registration process afresh. Not only that, a large amount of public money will have to spend for this purpose.

Therefore, the question is why necessary steps and preparation were not taken beforehand to handle a crisis moment, knowing that technological gadget may collapse any time. Finding out the reason why this poorly developed server, assumed from comments of related officials, has been installed for such an important and gigantic task is also vital. However, the main job for the present moment is to resume the service as soon as possible.