Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

People suffer for shabby road in Lakshmipur

Large potholes develop on the 3km road

People suffer for shabby road in Lakshmipur
The Shampur-Sahapur road in Ramganj upazila of Lakshmipur district has been lying in a bad shape for years. – Sun Photo

RAMGANJ: Thousands of people of two upazilas in Lakshmipur and Noakhali districts has been facing extreme sufferings due to the dilapidated condition of Shampur-Sahapur road at Ramganj upazila in Lakshmipur district.

Locals said the three-kilometre-long road has been lying neglected for over four years due to unknown reason.

According to local sources, the paved road was constructed in 2001 on the Shampur road of Karpara union of Ramganj upazila and Sahapur road of Chatkhil upazila. This will cause long sufferings to the people of the two upazilas. People in the area, including school children, are saved from wasting more time and spending extra money.

To the local people, the road has become one of the means of transportation. However, since the road has not been repaired in the last few years, most parts of the road have become dilapidated. Residents of the area are being forced to use other roads at a distance of 6/7 kilometres.

This important road is the only means of communication for people of at least seven villages under Karpara union of Ramganj upazila and Sahapur union of Chatkhil upazila, many villagers said.

A number of potholes have developed on most of the portions of the road, creating untold sufferings to its users, local journalist Rahamatullah Patwary said.

A number of potholes have developed on most of the portions of the road.

Md Mintu of Bhatialpur village said that the road was repaired for the last time in 2019 by the Local Government Engineering Department.

Local people have urged the authorities concerned on several occasions to renovate the dilapidated road but no steps has been taken yet, the villager said, adding that, the condition of the road went more worsen in the last two years due to plying of over loaded trucks and sand-laden trolleys.

Hundreds of students of at least five educational institutions, including two primary schools, in the upazila use the road to go to their institution.

They face serious difficulties while using the road, especially in the rainy season, said Shahjoki High School headmaster.

Elderly people and emergency patients are the worst sufferers, he further said.

Md Abdul Wahab, Shah Alam Babul and Iqbal Hossain said that although the road was repaired three years ago, the upper part of the road was lifted in a few days. Our suffering has increased. The local UP chairman and members gave a lot of hope but nothing happened.

Ramganj Upazila Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) Executive Engineer Zahidul Hasan said, there are many paved roads in Ramganj Upazila as the same position. He said it is also one of the important roads in the upazila. The road needs to be repaired.