Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Play due role in fight against corruption, drug abuse

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan urges journalists

Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan on Monday urged journalists to call a spade a spade and play their due role in the fight against violence, money-laundering, corruption and drug abuse.

“The journalists should not focus only on negative stories; rather they should depict the tales of development, advancement and achievements of the country,” he said.

The Bashundhara Group Chairman made the remarks while inaugurating a gala event to distribute the much-anticipated ‘Bashundhara Media Award 2021’, the first of its kind in the country, at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in the capital.

Mentioning that the purpose of publishing newspapers by Bashundhara Group is to highlight truth, he called upon the journalists to focus on objective journalism and work for branding the country in the world.

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan underscored the need for portraying positive aspects of the country and constructive steps of the government.

He said Bashundhara Group will give awards to the journalists every year on a much greater scale.

The Bashundhara Group Chairman announced that 25 journalists instead of 11 will be given Bashundhara Media Award for investigative journalism from the next year and each of them will receive Tk 10 lakh.

He said all kinds of initiatives will be taken to improve the quality of journalism. “The standard of journalism has improved after Bashundhara Group took the initiative to bring out different types of media outlets.”

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan said, “We’re proud to honour veteran and talented journalists from across the country. The move to reward investigative journalism will inspire the new generation of journalists in the country.”

“I remember Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman without whom we would not be citizens of an independent sovereign state today,” he added.

The Bashundhara Group Chairman also said, “It would be unfair to deny the contributions of the Father of the Nation to the advancement of journalism in the country. Journalism has made progress in this country with the help of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.”

Highlighting the role of businessmen in the progress of the country, Ahmed Akbar Sobhan said their contributions must be acknowledged before criticising them. “We all have to be cautious so that no businessman suffers any injustice due to any report. The businessmen have always been working for the welfare of the people.”

He called upon the journalists to verify truth before writing anything against the businessmen. “A businessman has to burn a lot of wood and straw to reach this stage. Say good to good and bad to bad.”

The Bashundhara Group Chairman further said, “We entered the world of media through Kaler Kantho newspaper. Then I opened seven media houses one by one. The Bangladesh Pratidin is the No. 1 newspaper in Bangladesh. The newspaper can be seen in everyone’s hands.”

He said the country’s GDP will increase by 1-2 percent due to the Padma Bridge. “If the country’s dollars are not smuggled out of the country, there’ll be no crisis of the greenback in the country.”

“Just don’t write only bad things. Only businessmen know how they passed the two years during the coronavirus pandemic. And first of all, I would like to thank the Prime Minister for standing by the businessmen,” Ahmed Akbar Sobhan added.

“The negative attitude towards the businessmen should be discarded. In the future, Bangladesh will surpass Singapore and Malaysia. In this case, those who are to be thanked after Hon’ble Prime Minister are the businessmen,” he said.

The Bashundhara Group Chairman said, “The nature of media was to oppose the government. But positive changes in journalism have taken place since 2010, the year we entered the field of mass media.”

The first edition of the Bashundhara Media Award has been held stimulating fearless journalism so that courageous newsmen continue to tread on dark routes to uncover crucial facts through innovative investigative methods.