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Doctime improves wellbeing thru digital heathcare

Doctime improves wellbeing thru digital heathcare
Doctime CEO William Delylle

DocTime is an online medical service that uses advanced technology to improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Bangladesh. The potential of what digital healthcare can bring to society remains untapped in Bangladesh, said top executive of the growing venture.

William Delylle, CEO of Doctime, expressed his desire for telehealth to become a useful and systematic enabler of the entire healthcare ecosystem during a chat with the Daily Sun in Dhaka recently.

“Digitalisation is now mature enough in Bangladesh for telehealth to thrive. The younger population has adapted to the opportunities of technology. There are some well-known challenges in medical sector with lack of easy access to quality healthcare, especially for women, children, and people with chronic diseases and mental health issues, or outside Dhaka. Some 300 thousand doctors are missing compared to developed countries’ ratios and Bangladesh has a huge potential for the best telehealth services to help” William said sharing optimism to do something for the society.

DocTime offers several services including healthcare and protection subscriptions packages, on demand GP and specialist consultations (80 percent of our patients wait less than 10 min to be connected to a doctor in an encrypted and secured way), online prescriptions, medicine delivery, and integrated tests and diagnostics with the sample taken from home.

Expatriate entrepreneur Anowar Hossain founded Doctime as a joint venture between Bangladesh and United Kingdom to offer something better healthcare to the countrymen.

“There a story behind the beginning of Doctime as the founder Anowar Hossain experienced an accident in early boyhood. His arm was badly wounded and with hardly any access to medical service in his village his injury remains to this day. From then he had a desire to improve the access to medical service and specialists from anywhere. And Doctime comes into lights after decades of this dream, tech entrepreneurship, and hard work,” William said.

The development of Doctime began in three years back with a team effort of 40-50 people to create a best-in-class platform to the standards of international players.

“In Google play store, Doctime already registered 800 thousand downloads with 4.8 ratings point out of 5. The rating manifests the trust, high quality of care, and better user experience comparing to other market players in Bangladesh” the CEO added.

Bangladeshi healthcare apps’ ratings on Google Play store

William shared the global practice in telehealth services mentioning that United Kingdom advises patients to take telemedicine before going to hospital.

“The National Health Service in the UK now recommends for the first consultation to be a telehealth consultation so that triage is more efficient, and doctors can spend face to face time with patients that need it the most. They will refer to hospital or to specialist more accurately. It saves costs and time to the patient and to the whole ecosystem. We would need a strong regulatory support for the safe expansion of telehealth services in Bangladesh and Doctime hopes to work with other players and both the DGHS and ICT Division to facilitate this.” he said.

The official informed that Doctime has received investments from a leading Healthcare Private Equity, and other international healthcare and biotech specialists.

”We also wish to collaborate further with local stakeholders like hospital chains, pharmaceuticals, and investors to leverage our technology to improve the healthcare service in the country with Doctime feature” the CEO added.

Doctime sees a future around the ‘hospital at home concept’ where a certified doctor can practice in hospital and private chambers and uses telehealth as a complementary service.

The doctors mentioned that when combining electronic patient records, and in the future having access to the patient’s vitals through video advanced technology; any certified doctor will be in a very strong condition to provide extremely high quality of care with telehealth. Doctime is working relentlessly to make this future possible for all.