Monday, 4 July, 2022

Riverbank erosion leaves Jaintapur residents on edge

Riverbank erosion leaves Jaintapur residents on edge

SYLHET: Due to the continuous erosion of the Nayagang and Saburi rivers, roads, houses and croplands in Jaintapur upazila of Sylhet have gone into the rivers, reports UNB.

Thousands of acres of arable lands, including hundreds of houses and rural roads in Mallifaud, Barbhag, Katakhal and Lamni villages are under threat due to river erosion. One and a half kilometers of Katakhal road has been devoured by the river.

Due to the dam of Bangladesh Power Development Board (WAPDA), the Nayagang river is flowing at a faster speed than normal with strong current, threatening the houses of the people living along the river to face erosion.

And so, blocks need to be set up urgently to protect the villages of Moakhai, Lamni, Katakhal and Mallifaud on the banks of the river. Otherwise, the people of these areas will suffer immense loss and the crop lands will be devoured by the river during floods.

According to locals, many villagers are leaving their homes and moving to other places due to river erosion by this time.

The villagers demanded that the Water Development Board take initiative to set up permanent embankments to protect the villagers from river erosion.

Jaintapur Upazila Parishad Chairman Kamal Ahmed said initiatives are being taken to repair and repair rural roads in different areas soon after the water recedes.

Besides, due to river erosion, it has become very difficult to protect the residents of Barbhag, Kandi, Mallifaud, Katakhal, Moakhai and Lamnigram.

He will make a written request to the Water Development Board to take immediate action to save the villagers from erosion during monsoon.