Sunday, 3 July, 2022

I’m alive, says Hanif Sanket

Popular television host Hanif Sanket wrote a note on his Facebook page one Wednesday to dismiss romours regarding his death. He also condemned the social media users who have spread the rumour of his death. 

The post reads, “I never thought I would have to post a status on Facebook to prove I am alive".

 “A group of social media users are spreading misleading information about others including death rumours of people to get more views and increase their followers. They have lack of basic humanity and don’t even consider how the death rumour of a person can terribly impact his family, friends and well-wishers”, the post added

Earlier, rumours of Hanif Sanket's death in a ‘road accident’ circulated on the social media on Tuesday night.  

However, the legendary anchor is doing perfectly well, describing these rumours as ‘appalling’.