Thursday, 30 June, 2022

Hili land port on high alert over monkeypox

DINAJPUR: Hili land port is on high alert to the possible spread of monkeypox, a viral disease that has already spread many countries in the world.

On Monday morning, this correspondent found Hili immigration officials along with a medical team of Hakimpur Upazila Health Complex working at the port with high alert.

Immigration activities through the port were being carried out under the observation of the medical team. The team is working all the time to identify any suspected people with symbol of the virus and immediately send them to hospital, said the upazila health and family planning officer Dr Shyamal Kumar Das.

Hili Immigration Check Post officer-in-charge Badiuzzaman said passengers have to show the vaccine certificate of coronavirus with booster dose or second dose for traveling between the two countries through the check post.