Thursday, 30 June, 2022

Cropland inundated in Faridpur as major rivers swell

FARIDPUR: The major rivers in Faridpur including the Padma River have started to swell, inundating low-lying char areas and causing worry to local farmers.

Following the authority’s instruction farmers of the low land areas of Faridpur Sadar have started harvesting half-ripe nuts, paddy and sesame to reduce losses, reports UNB.

Ramzan Ali Bhuiyan, a farmer from Paldangi area in sadar upazila, said that he cultivated nuts on eight bighas of land. But due to the sudden rise in water level of the Padma River nuts of all lands have been submerged, causing huge losses, he said.

Sufia Begum, wife of another farmer, said, “I cultivated nuts on one acre of land spending Tk 30,000 and selling these nuts I planned to run my family. But the sudden flood forced me to harvest the unripe nuts which will have no use other than fodder.”

Dikrir Char union parishad chairman Mehedi Hasan said onrush of water from the upstream flooded the char areas in sadar upazila and nut cultivators of the union are the worst sufferers as nut is the major source of their income of the char residents.

Salma Khatun, a gauge reader at Goalanda Point of the Padma River, said that the water level has risen by 24 cm in the last 24 hours.

Md Hazrat Ali, deputy director of Faridpur Agricultural Extension Department, said floodwater started entering in the low-lying areas inundating fields of nuts, sesame and paddy.

About 28,644 hectares of land were brought under nut cultivation in the district this year, he added. “We will try to help the by providing government assistance after preparing a list of victims,” he said.

Perth Pratim Saha, executive engineer of the Faridpur Water Development Board, said the Padma River is rising every day. “The water level has increased by two meters in the last seven days. If it continues, the extent of damages will increase,” he added.