Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Maldives allows undocumented Bangladeshis to legalise status

The Maldives government has opened the door for undocumented Bangladeshi migrant workers to get regularised.

In a notice issued on Saturday, the Bangladesh High Commission in the archipelago urged Bangladeshi migrant workers to apply for visas or work permits on an emergency basis.

Those who will not collect the papers in this round will face "exemplary punitive measures," the high commission warned.

In this regard, the employers of the undocumented Bangladeshi workers will have to apply for their documentation to the economic development ministry of the Maldives.

If they need further information, they can contact the ministry by dialling 1500 or sending an email to [email protected] They can also contact the high commission via phone at 3320859 or through the Viber app at 7616636. There is no official data on the number of undocumented Bangladeshi migrants in the Maldives. The high commission said in 2019 that the number would be around 80,000.