Sunday, 3 July, 2022

Woman, two children killed in Narsingdi

A woman and her two children were killed in their house at Babla village in Belabo upazila of Narsingdi district on Saturday midnight.

The deceased were identified as Rahima Begum, 36, her son Rabbi Sheikh, 12, and daughter Rakiba Akhter, 7.

A neighbour, Bilkis Begum, found blood coming out of Rahima’s house on Sunday morning and raised hue and cry.

Later, other neighbours entered Rahima’s house and found her bloodstained body in a room. Her children were also found dead in another room.

On information, police recovered the bodies on Sunday noon and sent them to Narsingdi Sadar Hospital for autopsy.

Police arrested Rahima’s husband Gias Uddin in his house on suspicion of killing his family members.

Anayet Hossain Munna, superintendent of police at Narsingdi PBI, said Gias, a dye technician, confessed to killing his wife and two children.

During a primarily interrogation, Gias said he first hammered his wife

and children with a cricket bat and then stabbed with a knife.

Tracking Gias’ phone, police found that he was in his house at that (Saturday) night.

“We couldn’t know the reasons behind the killings,” the PBI officer said.

Gias told locals that he was not at his house at that night. He went to Gazipur.

He also alleged that he had an enmity with his next-door neighbour who killed his wife and children.