Tuesday, 5 July, 2022


Govt orders screening of passengers at airports, land ports

Directorate General for Health Services (DGHS) has asked the county's airports and land ports to stay alert to the possible spread of monkeypox, a viral disease that has already spread to many countries in the world.

 "Screening will have to be strengthened, and a cautious watch must be kept on passengers coming from affected countries, international airports, and land ports in order to resist the monkeypox," according to a DGHS circular issued on Saturday.

The DGHS also asked the relevant authorities to compile a list of confirmed and suspected monkeypox patients with symptoms who have visited the affected

countries or come into contact with patients.

It also asked to keep suspected patients and people with symptoms of the disease in isolation at the nearest government hospitals, including infectious disease hospitals.

The notice said that an isolation facility will have to be arranged in Dhaka and information about the patients will have to be sent to the disease control unit and IEDCR.

 WHO is working with both affected and non-affected countries to expand disease surveillance in order to identify and support people who may be affected, as well as provide advice on how to manage the disease.

Monkeypox and COVID-19 spread in different ways. WHO advises people to stay informed about the extent of the outbreak in their community, the disease's symptoms, and how to prevent it from reliable sources like national health authorities.

As the disease spreads through close contact, the response should focus on the people affected and their close contacts.

People who have close contact with an infected person are more vulnerable. Healthcare providers, family members, and sex partners are advised to stay cautious.

It is never acceptable to stigmatise groups of people because of a disease. It can be a roadblock to ending an outbreak because it may discourage people from seeking medical help, resulting in an undetected spread.