Monday, 4 July, 2022

Three noted actors in ‘Manush Ekta Dui Chakkar Cycle’

Three popular actors Fazlur Rahman Babu, Dilara Zaman and Monira Mithu have acted in a new web drama titled ‘Manush Ekta Dui Chakkar Cycle’. The drama has been released on YouTube recently. The play has been getting praised from the audience since its release date.

Written by Rakayet Rabby, the project has been directed by Rubel Anush. Dilara Zaman has portrayed the role of Babu’s mother while Mithu has acted as Babu’s wife in the drama. 

About the drama, Rubel Anush said, “Manush Ekta Dui Chakkar Cycle’ has depicted two classes of the society. We have tried to give a social message through the drama. I’m happy that the audience are enjoying our drama.”

In the drama, Fazlur Rahman Babu will be seen as a middle-aged man, who considers himself a ‘failed’ father, son, and husband. Because he could not raise his children properly. His children always have unusual demands. To fulfill their demands Babu was involved in immoral activities. Even he had to leave his mother in an old age home because of his wife. One day, Babu met a rickshaw puller and went to his house. Then the story of the drama continues.

A song ‘Are O Jibon, Jibon Re; O Jibon Chariya Na Jao More’ is also used in the drama.

‘Manush Ekta Dui Chakkar Cycle’ was released on the YouTube channel of Live Tech on May 19. The drama also stars AK Azad Setu, Jamshed Zaman, Tanina Tanha, Forgan Milton, Mohammad Salman and Srabon Sabbir.