Wednesday, 6 July, 2022

Mental health awareness a must

Mental health awareness a must

We get tense when we are unwell. We rush to doctors when we are sick but do we know we should also get worried when we feel restless when we are stressed, or spend sleepless nights. The term given to this disorder is mental illness or mental health disorder. It affects our ability to function. We do not give any importance to our emotional well-being. Sometimes giving emotional support can be the greatest medicine of all sickness. People with mental illness need endless love. Giving them love is very important and, at the same time, they need to be heard and seen giving respect, maintaining boundaries, and providing constant trust and support.

Signs that show that your mental health is declining are as follows:

♦               Feeling lethargic most of the time

♦               Getting sick frequently

♦               Losing motivation

♦               Becoming unsocialised

♦               Getting irritated easily

♦               Finding hard to be present

♦              Fearing rejection and overthinking

♦               Having panic attacks

Mental illness can lead to chronic physical sickness. We have to give importance to this illness that is unseen but felt the most by our hearts. The causes of it can be biological, psychological and environmental factors.

Biological Factors

The biological factors include genetics which it can run in the family. Infections can lead to brain damage which can cause psychiatric disorders. Brain injury or defects can link to mental disorders. Prenatal damage can be responsible where the child can have autism spectrum disorder.

Psychological Factors

Mental illness is curable or can be controlled but most of us are unaware of what it is and, as a result, we let it grow inside us. Furthermore, people tend to hide their problems thinking about what people would say. Things like psychological trauma, loss of an important person and poor ability to not be able to relate with others can cause mental illness.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can be your school, college, your workplace and even can be your own house— a dysfunctional family where sometimes the family does not give time to each other. The family members instead of encouraging and inspiring each other criticise and almost forget to praise. Pressure from the family can highly affect someone's mental health. Parents sometimes never appreciate their children’s achievements and always pressure them to get full marks. Favouritism among siblings, constant comparison with others, persuading children into fulfilling their (parents) unfulfilled dream, taking away their freedom of choice and spending very little time with children can hamper their mental health. The parents think they are protecting their children but little did they know that they are ruining their child’s self-esteem.

The above-discussed factors can take away someone's mental peace, resulting in leading them to loneliness and depression. People with mental illness are very delicate. They should be handled with care and love.

Tips for mental well being:

♦               To get enough sleep

♦               Do things you enjoy doing

♦               Eat well

♦               Do meditation

♦               Reach out for help

♦              Accept yourself

♦              Boost up your confidence level

♦               Take one step at a time

♦               Manage stress

♦              Do gardening

♦               Have pets

Everyone’s mental breakdowns look different. Humans are bound to make mistakes. Check upon yourself and your loved ones. You are not worthless. Self love is very important. Approve your flaws and flaunts. Your words are not worthless, so let your ideas fuel your passion. Do not stay quiet and isolate yourself. Reach out for help and share your thoughts and feelings. Do not overburden yourself with too much work, take some time for yourself. Overthinking can be poisonous. Always remember your thoughts are not reality. You do not have any control over your past but your future is under your control. Let us normalise this by raising awareness.


Tanzila Azad Nowreen, a student of

Independent University Bangladesh (IUB)