Monday, 4 July, 2022

Maghbazar Explosion

Police can’t complete investigation sans finding reports

Police can’t complete investigation sans finding reports

Police are yet to complete the investigation into the case filed over Maghbazar explosion, though 11 months have passed since the incident.

According to police sources, the investigation is not completed because the authorities concerned, including Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company, are not providing them with finding reports.

Police sent letters to Titas Gas authorities several times asking for its probe report over the blast, but they did not do it, said the sources.

The sources said police might seek the intervention of court to get the probe report.

On June 27, 2021, an explosion at a building on Outer Circular Road at Maghbazar in the capital, left 12 people dead and about 200 injured.

On June 29, a case was filed against unknown people with Ramna Police Station. In the case, it was alleged that the house owner, proprietors of Sharma House, Bengal Meat, Grand Confectionary, and Singer Electronics located in the building, Titas Gas, and Dhaka South City Corporation might have been negligent, which caused the accident.

The Special Action Group under Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police is now investigating the case.

When contacted, Rahmat Ullah Chowdhury, additional deputy commissioner (BDU) of Special Action Group, told the Daily Sun that some authorities concerned, including Titas Gas, were not cooperating with their findings over the incident.

The investigation is still going on. He said police would detect those responsible for the explosion.

However, the officer did not mention the names of other authorities who were not helping them.

When contacted, Managing Director of Titas Gas Harun-Or-Rashid Mollah told the Daily Sun that he was unaware of the investigation.     When asked about their non-cooperation with police, he avoided the question and dropped the call.

According to CTTC sources, the building where the explosion occurred had an illegal gas connection.

Seven years ago, Titas Gas cut off the gas connection from the riser but did not stop the supply permanently. It caused the illegal use of gas.

Besides, there was a leak in the gas pipeline from which gas accumulated and caused the blast when the gas came in contact with sparks of electricity.

Six authorities formed probe committees to investigate the incident. They are Police Headquarters, Petrobangal, Energy Regulatory Commission, Department of Explosives, Fire Service and Civil Defence, and Titas Gas.