Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

A mayor with a mission

In our country, political leaders do not hesitate much to make tall promises to woo voters to win the elections. Once the polls are over, they usually forget their own promises. And they do not even hesitate to deceive people. It is a usual practice and common culture in our politics. In this atmosphere, a report of this newspaper's yesterday issue attracted attention of its readers. The main character of the story was Md Atiqul Islam, the businessman-turned-politician, who is serving as a mayor to the DNCC for two years after the demise of its late mayor Annisul Huq, also a changemaker. The headline of the 'exceptional' report reads: 'Mayor Atiq vows to keep his promises.'

Atiq is serving as a father of the bifurcated city for two years only in his second term. Three years are left to complete his five-year term. But, during this brief period, we have found him both dynamic and energetic. Just after taking office, he expressed his determination to make Dhaka a livable, healthy, vibrant and modern city. As water-logging is a perennial problem of the city, he quickly took measures to rid its residents of this curse on a priority basis. He came out successful in reclaiming some canals, including Khidir Khal in Uttara, Baunia, Rupngar and Lautola in Mohammadpur from illegal grabbers and brought back the water flow in the water bodies through excavation.

He declared to start a drive to recover parts of the Rupnagar canal shortly. He gave a stern warning to the illegal grabbers to dissuade themselves from constructing installations on any city canal. He also issued necessary instructions to keep clean all the drains under the DNCC. Even some photos of the DNCC mayor went viral on social media where he was seen observing the quality of work stepping into some newly built drains. Duly inspired by his predecessor, Atiq has emerged as a man with a mission. His achievements are undoubtedly praiseworthy. But during an interview with a staff correspondent of this paper he was asked to give a comment on his two-year achievement that he had politely regretted. We highly appreciate Atiq's spirit and his relentless efforts to make the city a livable one.